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  • What if I would like to have a different design from what is on your website, is it possible?

Yes, combination of the materials, components and colours is up to you. You can send us your drawing or photo what should the bag or cover look like. 

  • Can you create a custom design for me?

Yes, we can create original design for you. You can choose from the colours which are listed with the particular product.

  • Will you keep the created design for my use only?

Yes, we will keep your design only for you.

  • Can I have a bag or cover without a logo?

Yes, a bag or cover can be made without a logo, if you prefer.

  • What are the advantages of placing a logo?

Placing a logo gives you the opportunity to be recognized and have your product branded. Your products will have a more sophisticated look and will attract extra attention. Furthermore, your brand will be visually promoted and better to remember.

  • I want to have my own logo on the product. What details do you need?

The best is to specify the dimensions such as height and width of the required logo including the particular RAL colour code. You can send it to us in jpg or pdf  format.

  • Should I choose a printed or embroidered logo?

Both variants have their own advantages.

It’s up to you to decide what suits your product best. You can find their comparison below.

Printed logo

Free design and lower final costs make a printed logo an economical solution how to present your brand. Furthermore, printing is a great option for larger and more intricate/detailed designs.

In comparison with embroidery, printing enables blending one color to another.

Embroidered logo

If you require a luxury and professional look, an embroidered logo is the right choice for you.

Very good durability and multiple different colour possibilities are among other benefits to be considered. Embroidered logo works better in smaller sizes. First design of the logo is charged.

  • What other elements can the bag or cover have?

The bag or cover usually includes:

– internal textile etiquette – with product details and maintenance recommendation

– external textile etiquette – such as flag made in the EU, company logo, etc.

  • I need a bag for other purposes than audio or music. Can I enquire this at your company?

Of course. In case you are looking for a bag or cover for a different purpose, you are welcome to contact us!

For example we can offer you production of bags for medical equipment. Our bags could certainly be used in other industries.

  • Which material should I choose?

The key factor when thinking about what material to use is the planned purpose of the bag or cover.

Is good quality and long life cycle of the material and components important for you? Or do you need advanced features such as water resistance?

What is the purpose of the bag or cover?

Chosen materials and components directly influence the final costs.

All materials and components which are used in PEMA-M production are from verified long term suppliers.

For more information about material possibility see the Material section.

  • How much does the custom production of a sample cost?

You will recieve information about the estimated cost of the sample in advance.

As soon as the sample is finished and we have all the data for exact calculation, we’ll send you the final cost.

  • How long does it take to produce a sample?

Production time of the sample depends on its complexity.

You can usually have the samples ready within 3 weeks.

  • What if some other changes need to be done with an already sent sample – will I pay for them?

Any changes done during the proces of making a sample are not charged – we charge you only for the sample itself and its delivery to you.


Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces of one type of the product.

  • What if I need only 10 pcs instead of 20 – is it possible?

Exceptionally there is a possibility to order at least 10 pieces of one type of the same product.

In case you require 10 pcs only, an extra 10% fee is charged.

  • What if I need more than 20 pcs – can I get a discount?

We believe that the prices of the products are fair and correspond with their quality.

In other words, you have the best possible prices we can give you.

  • How long does it take to produce an order?

Lead time depends on the number of required pieces and the current state of the production.

Usually you can have your order ready within 1 month.

  • How are the final products transported?

It depends on the volume of the order. If the products can be shipped in cardboard boxes, we can send it to you via usual transport companies.

If the volume of the order is bigger, we can arrange private transport, which goes directly to you.

  • Can I arrange the transport on my own?

Of course, you can.

We will inform you as soon as the goods are ready and you can arrange the transport on your own .

  • How do you label the finished products?

We can print labels with your description of the product or barcode for you. You can either send us your design or we can create it for you.

  • How do you pack the goods?

According to the dimensions of your bags & covers, you can have them packed separately or together in cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

  • How long is the guarantee of the bags & covers?

We provide a standard 2 years guarantee on all bags & covers.


We protect the melody.