december 1992

Company foundation


march 1993

Hiring first employees, leasing first company premises



First move to the bigger leased premises, expansion of the company, hiring more employees



Second move to bigger leased premises, expansion of the company, hiring more employees



Change of the technology, modernization of the operation



Third move to own premises, expansion of the company



Automatization of the operation – purchase of the cutting plotter ZUND and printing plotter Gerber


2014 – 2019

Modernization of the operation



Hiring new employees to the final number of 25


PEMA-M company was founded in 1993 and it has specialized in production of bags and covers for musical instruments and audio equipment, including straps and other accesories from the very beginning.

Our product range is still growing and currently you can choose from more than 800 types of different products.

PEMA company’s priority is to offer you top quality products at competitive prices.

With 28 years of experience on the market, the company belongs to top producers. This can be proved by the number of our long-time customers, increasing number of new customers and also persisting demand for our products.

Our production is primarily exported to Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria and other European countries.

Existing customers appreciate mainly our ability to produce small series of the required product as well as big series.

Customers are welcome to put their own printed or embroidered logo on the product and choose other details.

Since its foundation, the company Pema-M has accumulated a wealth of practical experience that is necessary for maintaining a high standard in the production of bags and covers. Not only the growing interest but also the number of employees indicate that the products are in demand for their quality and affordability both at home and abroad.


Custom made design

Smaller & bigger series production

Reliable business partnership


28 years of experience in the business

Hight product quality & precision design

Competitive prices

Made in EU

Shipping to Europe